Are you harnessing the power of social media?

We bet your business engages with its clients and seeks potential new clients through social media, right? You will probably have an Instagram account, maybe a Facebook page, Twitter account and maybe even a LinkedIn profile, but are you using them effectively. In 2018, social media had a penetration rate of 60.22% across the UK […]

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Interviews: why you’re doing them wrong.

Do you remember the last time you interviewed somebody? How long did it take you to form an opinion on the candidate? How many questions did you ask that enabled your candidate to understand more about you and your business? It’s not always easy to get it right when interviewing. Surveys show that nearly 45% […]

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Why we hate recruitment

Ever spent your valuable time speaking with a recruiter, even met with them and sent them additional materials only to never hear from them again? Perhaps you have heard from them, they’ve provided you with a shortlist of irrelevant candidates or worse, a shortlist of excuses. Ever had the perfect candidate in an interview and […]

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