Interviews: why you’re doing them wrong.

Do you remember the last time you interviewed somebody? How long did it take you to form an opinion on the candidate? How many questions did you ask that enabled your candidate to understand more about you and your business?

It’s not always easy to get it right when interviewing. Surveys show that nearly 45% of corporate executives rely more on instinct than on facts and figures in running their business, in reality, we think the figure is much higher.

Laszlo Bock of Google famously said “When it comes to interviewing, don’t trust your gut. More often than not, your gut reaction isn’t a product of hidden wisdom. Rather, it’s a result of unacknowledged biases that can lead you to overlook strong candidates.”

The meeting place

The true interview process, for us, starts when meeting or speaking with our clients for the first time. This allows us to understand their history, their highs and lows and their vision as well as their immediate need.

So when it comes to organising interviews, at Lucas Bond we like to suggest meeting somewhere outside of the office for an informal chat. Asking the candidate to suggest the venue nearby. This helps give an understanding of the level of research they have done.

Taking your interview out of a traditional office creates a more relaxed environment in which candidates will often ‘let their guard down’, enabling you as the interviewer to get a more realistic representation of them.

Taking a relaxed approach

Opt for a more relaxed approach by asking that they don’t wear ‘business attire’, allowing the opportunity for personality and natural behaviours to shine through.

Everyone can wear a suit. Simple. True, some suits might be nicer than others, but why bring in more uniformity into the interview processes that are already strictly controlled by HR/Compliance and Risk frameworks.


Filtering your candidates

Where are you going wrong? By not collaborating fully in the interview process, you are highly unlikely to find the candidates you’re looking for, unless you’re very lucky.

From this, it’s important we approach the market with a real educated approach, filtering accurately from the start to identify long lists that we can examine in detail.

Then there is the telephoning the candidate, the initial phone conversations and interactions, including subtly setting tasks and deadlines to see how they interact and behave.

We then verify things such as their work history, qualifications and experience, and through a network can often provide meaningful and in-depth references. Where appropriate, we would also look at personality profiling, potentially even technical assessments in addition.  

There are then the personal meetings to discuss what the candidate is looking for, their experience, to engage them with your business and the opportunity offered, as well as beginning to manage expectations. With real credibility comes real rapport and therefore better control, in an often highly competitive market place.  

Being successful in this industry takes hours and hours, not forgetting learning from your mistakes. Working with Lucas Bond will give you much better interview experience, you’ll find those top candidates you’re looking for. We will help your employment process and advise how to keep your candidates for the long term, not to mention saving your business money in the long run.