Why we hate recruitment

Ever spent your valuable time speaking with a recruiter, even met with them and sent them additional materials only to never hear from them again? Perhaps you have heard from them, they’ve provided you with a shortlist of irrelevant candidates or worse, a shortlist of excuses.

Ever had the perfect candidate in an interview and hired them just to find out that actually, they are not what you were looking for? or they are perfect but leave the day after the 3 month rebate coverage you have. Maybe you’ve spoken with a recruiter and the next day they send you the perfect candidate and a not so perfect bill for £20,000. It happens a lot, we know it and hate it.

These bad experiences often mean that you want to spend as little time as possible engaging with recruiters, making your hiring process worse in the long run. Lack of engagement probably means you are drawn to working with the recruiter with the lowest rates, where you pay nothing until the role is filled. Not everyone can afford for the role not to be filled.

Why the ‘normal’ recruitment process doesn’t work

One of the biggest mistakes you can make whilst hiring, is making judgments based on a checkbox criteria or a wrong answer to an open question. You have to remember that everyone is different; everyone can bring different qualities to a workplace. Some people are experts at the interview stage, having been to so many or having interviewed people themselves, they know exactly what questions are coming their way. These are the people who tend to come across as “perfect” for the job, yet when it comes to it, they are actually not so perfect. It’s so important to know exactly who and what you’re looking for. It’s easy to get blindsided by a confident demeanour or the ideal candidate on paper, when in fact, there are many factors that go into choosing the right candidate for the right job.

The blame falls both ways. Candidates and clients play key roles in making sure the hiring process runs smoothly, but recruiters are the ones that should be ensuring you are the right match. This is why we hate the typical processes run by recruiters, who take what’s written on paper as gospel and take an impersonal approach to securing clients the right candidate for the job. The key to success relies on collaboration and engagement, which is what we aim to do.

The relationship and engagement between you and your recruiter will extend into the marketplace, the lower that engagement, the less accurate the engagement between agency and candidate. The less that agency will stand out, the harder they will find it to engage with top talents.

The best recruitment consultants fill around 85% of the jobs they worked on. The national average is about 20%. So, unless you break beyond the contingent model, or vary your recruitment strategy, you can only expect the same level of success. Retained work delivers around 90% of the time, provides longer security and all round better satisfaction ratings from client and candidate.

We work differently

The reason we hate recruitment is the ‘product.’ Human beings can be unreliable. Sounds obvious, but how flexible is your recruiter in working with this unknown quantity and how willing are they to share the risks with you? Recruitment processes have become a chore to employers, not many people like them and that’s because a lot of pressure lies on recruiters. Hiring the wrong person means a financial loss to your company, so don’t take the risk yourselves and instead, let us do the hard work for you.

At Lucas Bond, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ – we create a bespoke working relationship depending on the needs of the practice or individual, in order to deliver the right service. We tailor each service to match the client and candidate, sharing the cost and the
risk through retained and subscribed projects.

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