Are you harnessing the power of social media?

We bet your business engages with its clients and seeks potential new clients through social media, right? You will probably have an Instagram account, maybe a Facebook page, Twitter account and maybe even a LinkedIn profile, but are you using them effectively.

In 2018, social media had a penetration rate of 60.22% across the UK population, with a forecasted rise to 62.46% by 2022. If we exclude demographic outliers, i.e. the very young or the elderly, then the engagement figures are probably up to nearer 80%. Meaning, you cannot afford to be without social media.

Facebook and YouTube continue to dominate the platform share with approximately 79% user engagement. Twitter and Instagram sit someway behind but still operate around 40% of the UK population. This means that if you are not scaling a social media strategy to include all of these platforms and weighing out the content relative to each engagement share, you will be missing out on a huge amount of easy wins.

Think about how much money, time and effort you have spent on your website? Maybe even your corporate brochures or the costs of a stall at a Business Networking event or expo. Now think how many times that is viewed? With over 50% of users saying that they are engaging with the big four platforms multiple times a day, including within the first 30mins of waking up and the last hour before going to bed, then this is an opportunity for repeated brand exposure unlike any other. Does your cost spend and investment of time and expertise on social media strategy match or exceed the cost of your website? If not, why not?

Technology and ‘digital’ experience are permeating across all sectors and industry. So, will your clients be willing to invest in your costs if they can’t be sure you truly understand concepts such as these, that are integral across your entire portfolio. We’re also willing to bet that some of your clients are even likely to be Digital Agencies!

Are using social media to help with existing staff engagement, or have you thought about how your social media presence might help or hinder your recruitment? Social media expert Andy Headworth highlights:

A company’s ability to find, attract and ultimately recruit skilled talent is going to determine how successful they are in meeting their business growth objectives.”

Having a website is a good start, but if that’s all you have, your competitors will be leaving you far behind. The millennial and Gen Z demographics are showing a real commitment to working for leaders/culture first and foremost. For example, only 7% of millennial graduates have moved into the FTSE100, the lowest in decades. They are instead looking for the next great entrepreneur, or startup, where they can feel valued and engaged with the vision and journey. They are not money motivated but rather need to feel aligned with core values and empowered through flexibility, training and support.

So where does social media fit? Well, when was the last time you booked a hotel without checking online recommendations? Maybe you checked out a few different pages on Google. Most likely, you looked at the facebook page or Instagram profile to get a bit more of a feel? When you advertise a job, your potential candidates will want to do the same. The stronger and more precise your social media presence is, the more credibility you have and the more you will engage with better talent levels. When you hire a recruitment agency, you will spend huge sums of money and do you know what they’re doing? Yep, social media. (Well, if they’re any good). With some investment and collaboration on this area now, you can vastly improve your own internal recruitment processes and be able to engage with the best talent for your company.

At Lucas Bond, we can partner with you to help you use social media more effectively across the board, but specifically when it comes to talent identification, attraction and retention. Imagine how much simpler things will be when you post a job advert on your website and the best candidates come to you direct instead of via Agencies.

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