Transformation. Focus. Innovation. The pieces that make up the leadership puzzle. They can’t simply be found with the click of a button; it takes drive and industry know-how.

With a skilled background in Elite Professional Sport, working with full time athletes, National Sporting Bodies and professional clubs helping them with their talent identification and performance development. Our team have worked with athletes across the globe, including Premiership and Super 15 Rugby Teams, Premier League football clubs and academies and International Rugby Programmes. Learning from some of the best coaches in the world, including World Cup winners, Lucas Bond understand the business models and approaches needed in the ultimate ‘must succeed’ environment.

It’s more than recruitment; it’s a chance for innovation through a super selective, under the radar process that brings the right individuals and organisations together, so that you get the best results.

We like to keep our approach simple. With experience in performance, conflict resolution and developing individuals and businesses, Lucas Bond are a small, focused group who have the drive and the expertise of putting the right people into teams.

With connections across a variety of industries, but particularly accountancy, we have the capability of bringing the right people together.

We like innovation, which means we like to create ongoing partnerships. To us, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ – we create a bespoke working relationship depending on the needs of the practice or individual, in order to deliver the right service.

We have a vested interest in you, which means we care about the work we do and what it takes to get you where you want to be.

A detailed examination of existing staffing, productivity and engagement. Before committing to large recruitment costs, are you getting the most out of your current team? We find out.
Looking to build out a team or find a high-level individual? Our search package allows you to reach out and identify the very best talent available and attract them to your company. Contingent (traditional recruitment) is only successful in 20% of cases. Retained work brings the best out of all concerned, and across the sector is successful in 90% of cases. With the security of longer rebates, better onboarding and a more rigorous selection via retained hires made through retained headhunting, you will get far higher and longer term results.
Hate dealing with recruiters but not getting the best out of your current recruitment process? Our collaborative model gives you access to the very best content writers, job boards and candidate databases. With this subscription model, you can manage your own recruitment processes and gain the Agency edge without the large agency costs.
Are you an ambitious individual looking for your next career move? Our consultants will work with you to provide a detailed summary of opportunities in your market and use our network to open doors for you to the very best roles. This puts you in full control, advising our experts at each stage on how you would like to move forward.
Are you looking to rebrand? Invest in new software or improve your digital services? Grow your portfolio? With years of experience comes trusted relationships with leaders in each field. We can manage any project or investment on your behalf, providing access to the very best in the market.
We can run workshop and development programmes within your business in order to help improve performance. Learn the secrets of high performance athletes and teams and improve the efficiency of your business, the engagement of staff, their recruitment processes and improve overall management and leadership skills.